Ice Cream – Giacopazzi’s Gelato

We now have Giacopazzi’s Gelato right next door, so be sure to visit after enjoying your hot food in Giacopazzi’s Fish & Chips!  All of our ice cream and sorbet is made fresh each day and on any given day we have a wide range of both traditional and original flavours.

Our ice cream and sorbet can be served in a wide variety of cones, tubs, or dishes, topped with a fantastic selection of toppings and sauces or even turned in to a fabulous ice cream dessert or sundae. When you visit, you can choose to simply enjoy your favourite flavour in a cone or treat yourself to a classic 99, a memorable slider or a jaw dropping Knickerbocker Glory!

Over the years Giacopazzi’s has gained recognition and won numerous awards and accolades for our ice cream and sorbet, most notably:

Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards:
2010 – Two Great Taste 2 Gold Stars for Mango Yoghurt and Passion Fruit Ice Cream
2010 – Three Great Taste Gold Stars for Chocolate Ice Cream, Rum & Raisin Ice Cream and Passion Fruit Sorbet
2009 – Great Taste Triple Gold Star for Raspberry Yoghurt
2009 – Two Great Taste Gold Stars for Vanilla Ice Cream and Passion Fruit Sorbet
2008 – Great Taste Gold Star for Ice Cream with Nuts (Snickers flavour)
National Ice Cream Alliance Competitions
2013 – Champion of Champions Award in the Flavour Class for Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
2013 – Gold Medal for Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
2006 – Gold Medal for Triple Chocolate Ice Cream
2004 – Gold Medal for Lemon Sorbet
2003 – Gold Medal for Cranberry Sorbet

Special Requests
As we vary which flavours of ice cream and sorbet we make at any time, we may not always have your favourite flavour. However, we will always do our best to meet any special requests, so if you would like a particular flavour please just speak to staff about availability and pre-ordering.