New Frying Range – update on Gluten Free

In April 2022 we installed a brand new Florigo Frying Range which has its own built in Triple Filtration System, making our business much more environmentally friendly and dramatically reducing the amount of waste fat we produce.

At present we need to undertake some testing and logistical trials to see what effect the inbuilt filtration system has on our ability to continue to offer Gluten Free products.   Until we know the outcome of these tests and decide how best to potentially manage the cooking of gluten free products in our new range going forwards, we cannot offer Gluten Free without trace at present.  We can still serve you gluten free products using our gluten free batter, but for now they are not cooked in a separate pan or served with any guarantee of no traces of gluten.

We feel it important to share this information, especially if you are Coeliac.  Please bear with us whilst we endeavour to find solutions where we can.

In the meantime, we are continuing to serve our Gluten Free Pizza range Wednesdays to Sundays.